Secure Your Car Keys To Prevent Vehicle Thefts

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | May 23rd, 2017

After parking your vehicle in the parking lot till the time you access it again, its important to secure the car keys from losing or falling down. Misplaced keys not only cause stress but also ruins the security of a vehicle. You may even fall victim to a car lockout, in case, there are no spare keys available at the moment. Only the assistance of an emergency locksmith can help you tackle the situation. Though one can deal with the situation by one or the other way, prevention is still the best cure. By keeping your car keys at a safe and secure place, one can not only prevent the situation of lost keys but can also avoid vehicle thefts.

Some of the ways to secure a car key are:

Keep your keys in sight

After you locked your car, take out the key and place it inside your bag, pocket or wallet. Its ideal to store it at a place, from where the keys remain within your sight. This will remind you of picking them up before leaving the place. To make sure they won’t fall in the way, don’t take them out of pocket or bag, until you reach the parking lot.

Have a key box for placing it

A specially designed key box or stand can turn out to be extremely helpful in securing a car key. No matter it’s your home or office, buy one key stand and place the keys on it every time you reach home. Soon this habit will turn out to become a routine which will help you in securing the vehicle keys.

Have access to a spare key

Since lockouts occur without a door knock, one should always remain prepared to tackle them. A spare key is a weapon that can help you overcome a car lockout. Always have a spare key with you to access the vehicle easily, in case the original keys are lost. Don’t place it inside the vehicle itself as this can ruin the car safety. Instead, store them inside your bag and wallet to use them whenever needed.

Make a daily checklist

An easy way to ensure that you are carrying the car keys or not is to make a daily checklist of the items that you need to carry before leaving for office. Don’t forget to include the set of spare car keys in this list. This list will also help you in reminding and carrying all other essential things that are needed in the office.

These are some ways to secure the vehicle keys when going out of home. If you are facing a car lockout or your car keys are stuck in the ignition, feel free to contact our automobile locksmiths at Leduc 24/7 Locksmith.