Why Choose Keyless Door Locks For Installation?

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Why Choose Keyless Door Locks For Installation?

Locks are essential security elements that are meant to provide safety and protection to a property and belongings. With the recent inventions in technology, homeowners are more concerned to ensure high-level security which is provided by digital and keyless locks. These security systems are far more durable than traditional locks and have managed to become the first choice of home and business owners.

What are Keyless Locks?

As the name suggests, keyless locks are one of the categories of locking systems that operate without the use of a key. There are a various form of keyless locks available in the market including, biometric fingerprint locks, digital deadbolt locks, and remote control locks. Since there is no key involved, the method of operating these locks is a security code or thumb impression. As these locks are generally expensive, it’s better to hire an expert locksmith for safe and efficient installation.

Reasons To Install Keyless Locks:

  • No need for keys

    Since these locks do not require keys, one need not have to worry about lost, broken or misplaced keys. This also eliminates the need of rekeying or key duplicating service. In order to operate the lock, just press the keypad with your finger, only if its fingerprint lock or enter the security code and the door will open up itself.

  • Fits on any door

    No matter, what door your own, i.e. modern or traditional, these digital locks come in a variety of shapes and styles that tend to fit on any door type. There are many leading brands available in the market and one can choose any lock that meets his budget and security needs. Do remember to purchase a lock that fits the design and shape of your door.

  • Easy to program

    Keyless locks consist of an inbuilt memory that is designed to store the fingerprint impressions or security codes that are kept as a lock password. Unlike traditional locks that have a permanent key and a pair of spare key, the code for a digital lock can be changed anytime, without any need of a residential locksmith. This feature is of extreme helpful in preventing unauthorized access, especially when you are going away from your home on vacations.

These are few reasons to install keyless door locks. If you are looking for an affordable locksmith company in Leduc, feel free to consult our Leduc 24/7 Locksmith.