Car Door Lock Stuck In Lock Position? How To Resolve!

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | November 14th, 2018

Car Door Lock Stuck In Lock Position? How To Resolve!When your car door lock is stuck in the lock position, you should first find out the reason behind it. Because, if you don’t know the exact cause, you can’t give it the right solution. To begin the procedure, first determine your car door is locked or it is open but not getting closed. All this will be complicated and making you difficult. There could be the main three reasons behind your door lock stuck. These are as given below:

  • Broken Connections
    You need to check the connection in the lock when you make it line up, it gets locked. Thus, if its switch, cylinder, or handle is not connected to the car door latch, it may be stuck in the lock position. To resolve this problem, you have to repair the broken connections. If you have a good knowledge of locking systems, you can open the door and troubleshoot the lock assembly.
  • Jamming Or Debris
    Getting dust or rust, your door lock may avoid moving which make your car door lock jammed. Even, if the door lock is rusty, there are chances of door lock break-in. To resolve this problem, you can first clean up the lock and then give lubricants. Make sure to give lubricants deep inside the lock.
  • Structural Damage
    Is there happened an accident to your car? If yes, there are chances that your car door latch has damaged. The latch may be totally disconnected from the other part of the lock assembly or it has bent. There is only one solution to this problem is the automotive locksmith services.

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