Advantages of Having A Master Key System

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Advantages of Having A Master Key SystemAre you worried about the security of your commercial premise? If yes, invest in master key systems and stop worrying about any unauthorized access. In a large business premise having more than one entrance doors, it often becomes difficult to handle the security. To ensure the safety of your employees, records and assets, it is better to invest in master key systems instead of traditional locks or keyless entry systems.

What is Master Keying?

If you are hearing master key system for the first time, let us explain what it actually is. In a commercial premise, there are several doors and rooms. In case, you have installed a traditional lock on each room, you might end up having a good bunch of keys to carry all the time. Moreover, it becomes hectic to remember which key is for which lock and vice versa.

With a master key system installation, you need not have to worry about the keys as a single key, also known as the master key can help lock and unlock every door in your building. This allows a business owner to have access to the entire premise with just a single key to carry.

Advantages of Master Keying
  • Maximizes Security
    Since the locks can operate with a single key, it eliminates the risk of an unauthorized access or any security breaching. With a master key, only the owner of the property has the power to lock or unlock the doors.
  • Efficient Mechanism
    In case, you are asked to choose between carrying a bunch of keys or a single key, most possibly the answer is the single key as it is easy to handle and keep it. The unlocking mechanism via a master key is considered more efficient compared to the traditional locks in which a person may end up getting confused about which key will help access which door.

So, these were the few basics of a master key system and the advantages of installing it. If you are looking for a full-service lock installation company in Leduc to get a master lock system installed, rely on our licensed locksmiths at Leduc 24/7 Locksmith.